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Anyone suffering from lower back pain is not alone. More than 80% of the population will at some time in their life suffer from the disabling confines of lower back pain.

The Wolff Clinic chiropractors are unique in the health care field in that much of the post graduate training is specifically aimed at identifying and successfully treating and managing lower back conditions.

Latest clinical research at the Wolff Clinic Group, has revealed, that over 50% of lower back pain occurs because of a misalignment in one or more hip joints, derby increasing the amount of stress, that are imposed on the lower back muscles. Therby causing lower back pain and increase wear and tear.



Some of the more common causes of lower back pain include:  


  • misalignment in the hip joints. (over 50% of patient complains)

  • lack of proper spinal alignments 

  • presence of cervical spinal joint restrictions

  • improper workstation setup 

  • poor posture 

  • prolonged sitting 

  • excessive repetitive lower back motions 

  • fallen foot arches and other foot abnormalities 

  • excessive mental stress 

  • physical inactivity  



The Chiropractic treatment for neck pain incorporates the use of many therapies all of which are gentle, safe, natural and non invasive. in most cases however, the chiropractor will use an adjustment to correct spinal restrictions or joint misallingments. An adjustment involves the gentle and specific application of a force to the joint or spine in order to allow the body to restore normal joint and nervous system function. Management of the condition may involve specific advice on exercise and rehabilitative measures as well as lifestyle and nutritional counceling. 

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