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How is the Wrist designed and what is its function?

 The wrist joint is actually made up of many different joints leading to 19 different bones, which allows for very fine tuned movements such as playing the piano, performing surgery or simply picking up a pencil.

At the Wolff Clinic we frequently treat wrist conditions such as:  


  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • tendinitis 

  • repetitive strain injury

  • improper workstation setup 

  • joint misalignment 

  • aches and pains from arthritis 

  • nerve irritation 

  • improper telephone techniques 

  • sports injuries 

  • work related injuries  



At the Wolff Clinic, we have the tools to easily diagnose and treat injuries to the wrist and hand, incorporates the use of many therapies all of which are gentle, safe, natural and non invasive. in most cases however, the chiropractor will use an adjustment to correct joint restrictions or misallingments. An adjustment involves the gentle and specific application of a force to the joint in order to allow the body to restore normal joint and nervous system function. This is pain FREE. Management of the condition may involve specific advice on exercise and rehabilitative measures as well as lifestyle and nutritional counceling. 

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