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                We hope you are all keeping well and healthy during this difficult time.

    We take your health and that of any visitors and staff at the clinic very seriously so we  have            implemented some changes within the clinic so that we can provide you, our patients, face to face 

   care within government guidelines and keep both our team and you as safe as possible.

Any patient presenting for an appointment who clearly demonstrates symptoms, which could be associated to Covid‐19, will be asked to postpone their appointment and leave the clinic.


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 Please inform us if anyone in your household has exhibited the signs of Covid‐19.

 Practice social distancing while in our office.  Follow the movement directions made to you by your Chiropractor.

 Follow the hand washing instruction with thorough 20 second scrubbing before rinsing off.  

Do not touch your face.

 Wear comfortable loose clothing to facilitate the Chiropractors examination and treatment.  


 Be prompt for your appointment but not excessively early.  We are social distancing in the appointment book and are doing our utmost to separate patients by a realistic margin.   We will  ask you to wait in your car or outside until your appointment time.

Leave accompanying family members in the car unless you need assistance. 

 Feel free to wear a PPE mask to the Clinic. If you do not have these we can supply you with one.

 Do not hesitate to ask your Chiropractor about tips for helping keep you and your family as healthy as possible during this pandemic.


To enable social distancing we will be limiting the number of patients in the clinic.

+ The furniture in reception has been reduced for social distancing and is sanitised regularly. 

​+ The Chiropractors will wear a mask and gloves for each patient


+  The treatment table will be  disinfected between each patient.


+  The head/face area of the treatment couch will be covered with wide paper roll in addition to the           regular face paper.

+  We have removed all literature from the reception area.

We  have implemented new cleaning policies that we introduced in March, (on top of our normal hygiene  routine), continue, along with some new procedures     

     (including UV  light sterilisation of the rooms )   

We prefer contactless payment if possible and the credit card machine and all used surfaces will              be regularly sanitised.

+ Every patient phoning for an appointment is given these guidelines plus the above protocols for           paying.  

+  Individual Chiropractors are responsible for their own hygiene, and ensuring that they follow all     

    British Chiropractic Association & Government guidelines  to incl sanitising training and see that   

    their patients  adhere to the above recommendations.


With the procedures and practises outlined here and all being adhered to, we consider there is a very low level of risk that Covid‐19 could be present in the Clinic

Dr Morten W B Nielsen.  BSc., D.C  C.C.E.P ( Clinic Principal/Owner )

Person with overall responsibility for premises procedures.





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