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PILATES One-to-One

Fitness Instructor
Pilates Pose
Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat

(Offered at Purley Clinic)

There is no doubt that exercise changes our biochemistry and produces chemicals that give us a sense of well-being. The Pilates method is referred to as a form of physical and mental conditioning that develops the body's strength, flexibility, corrects poor movement.

From a clinical perspective, Pilates can help to rehabilitate those who experience joint pain, whether it originates from the spine or extremity.  Regardless of your fitness level, if you have never practised Pilates it is important to understand the fundamentals; correct alignment, stabilisation, warm up.  Then, start with the beginner’s versions of the exercises.


One-to-one sessions can help achieve this before attending the class. 


One-to-one classes are held Monday and Thursday.

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