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Sports - Remedial - Therapeutic

Sports massage on leg
Back Massage
  • Effective for controlling pain.

  • Stimulates the body's natural painkillers.

  • Assists relaxation.

  • Improves circulation.

  • Relieves muscle spasm, tension and stiffness.

  • Relieves mental stress and anxiety.

To complement your chiropractic treatment, we recommend Massage Therapy.

SPORTS - Deep tissue massage breaks up adhesion after injury and aids recovery. Prevents further injury by keeping muscles pliable.

REMEDIAL - Soft tissue manipulation for the relief of specific areas of long term tension (e.g. tendonitis, repetitive strain) or acute conditions such as muscle spasm at the site of injuries. 

THERAPEUTIC -  Relaxation and stress. Helpful for migraine, aching neck and shoulders, etc. 

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